Perth Heritage Days, A Time To Discover The Discovered

Perth Heritage Days

Perth Heritage Days

Perth Heritage Days is that time of the year when you have a chance to rediscover Perth, one of the greatest cities in Australia and a place that is decked in history, culture and wonderful stories to share.

The first Perth Heritage Days was held back in 2009 by Heritage Perth. The event has come a long way since then and in its fifth year, it is the largest heritage event in Perth with footfalls of more than 50,000 recorded in 2012. The event is a free for all, making it a perfect family getaway, spending time together picking up from the sands of time many known and unknown facts about the city. Perth’s history, strewn across the city’s vast number of buildings, parks, theatres, libraries, museums, clubs and hotels is open for all to visit and rediscover.

The major difference between other heritage events and Perth Heritage Days is that this event strives to represent the heritage and history of the city in all its forms. As such it is not difficult find representation of such diverse aspects like the traditional land owners as well as the wonderful architecture of the city or the breathtaking stories about some of the most amazing characters in government, society and of course behind all those beautiful buildings.

Yarns about Perth’s wonderful gardens and their importance in the community as a source of production for food in the Swan River Colony, beyond their obvious aesthetic importance is also a major attraction. Additionally, visitors have a chance to rediscover the art and culture of the city and how they came to be what they are today, the evolution of medicine and religion and how they have transformed Perth into what it is today.

Artisans Alley

Artisans Alley

2013 will have some additional varieties and some extra attractions. Visitors this year will have the opportunity to take a guided tour of the private and historic Karrakatta Club. They will also be able to see a rare collection or art works owned by the Royal Perth Hospital in an exhibition to be held at the inaccessible Kirkman House. Apart from the indigenous tours that will showcase everything that has shaped Perth over the years a special tour of the Supreme Court Building in Sterling Gardens is a special attraction this year.

This year the whole event will be available as a Smartphone app, which means people can check what they want to see, plan and then book their weekend in advance. Perth’s glorious and eventful past is a treasure trove that’s worth rediscovering. If you’re interested in a great weekend with your entire family, don’t miss Perth Heritage Days 2013. For further information and assistance you can also check out the official website at

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