Air New Zealand And Tourism New Zealand Signs Marketing MoU

Air New Zealand And Tourism New Zealand Signs Marketing MoU

Air New Zealand And Tourism New Zealand Signs Marketing MoU

Air New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand have signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to do a joint marketing program promoting New Zealand as a destination to some of the major markets in the world. The value of this joint marketing program is going to be NZ $20 Million. Compared with the figures from the last year the joint marketing plan outlay has been increased by 80%.

Air New Zealand also took the opportunity to unveil its new aircraft livery which depicts the iconic official New Zealand Fern Mark. It is a symbol, the use of which has been restricted by Tourism New Zealand and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

As a part of the MoU both Tourism New Zealand and air New Zealand will be investing more than $10 million each over the course of the next 12 months and the amount will be spent on a targeted marketing campaign to cover countries such as Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, north America, UK, Europe and some of the emerging markets such as India and Indonesia.

Chief Executive Officer of Air New Zealand Christopher Luxon mentioned that the current MoU will no doubt further the strength of their mutual co-operation. Tourism New Zealand is the largest marketing partner for air New Zealand. The two have been working together for several years now promoting Air New Zealand in many of its key markets. This current MoU gives their relationship a changeover, bringing a breath of fresh air.

Mr.Luxon added that the growth of Air New Zealand, as the national airlines of the country, depends on the increase of inbound tourists in the country. He admitted that air New Zealand flies more tourists into New Zealand than any other carriers and thus it makes sense for the airline to co-operate with organizations such as Tourism New Zealand so that the opportunities that are available can be tapped.

Also speaking on the occasion, Kevin Bowler, Chief Executive Officer of Tourism New Zealand mentioned that under the new three year marketing strategy, co-operating with other major players in the domestic tourism market is of primary importance. He added that this MoU closely follows the latest government announcement of a sop of NZ$158 million over the next four years in order to spur the tourism industry and help them to look beyond and think bigger.

Tourism New Zealand has welcomed the decision by air New Zealand to compliment the government funding commitment by announcing an additional budget. This will enable the joint effort to realize more. Thanks to their joint efforts it has been a story of success for the past few years. Additionally, the first four months of 2013 has seen an excellent growth rate for arrivals and the additional funding will help both the organizations to further capitalize on that.

Both air New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand have a long track record of having promoted New Zealand as a destination. In the recent past the two organizations have worked on some high profile promotional efforts such as leveraging the Hobbit Trilogy, joint advertising campaigns in Australia, Japan, China, North America, Europe. They also hosted nearly 180 international media to New Zealand. Additionally they also engaged in an educational campaign for trade on New Zealand plus a familiarization program for 140 travel agents from North America, UK and Europe.

Over the course of the next 12 months both the organizations will co-operate to promote New Zealand to prospective travelers through promotional events, advertising, PR releases and via further co-operation with trade agents. The next year will see the introduction of the new livery of Air New Zealand which bears the iconic New Zealand Fern Mark.

Mr. Luxon mentioned that they are excited about the launch of the new livery, which would not have been possible without the help of Tourism New Zealand and also New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. The new livery, to say the least, is a mark of pride that should be loved by every New Zealander.

The process of designing and developing the new livery involved an extensive consumer testing phase, which involved focus groups in both New Zealand and abroad. Clearly the New Zealand Way Fern Mark was the clear and overwhelming winner with more than 78% of those whose opinions were taken preferring for the same to be incorporated in the design. They felt that the airline certainly represents New Zealand and the mark fits in the overall scheme of the design.

Air New Zealand plans to make the new livery to be painted on their aircrafts in a phase-wise manner starting later this year. While a majority of the aircrafts will be painted with the white version, some selected aircrafts will carry the black version of the new design.

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