Busted! Customers Abuse Qantas’ Frequent Flyer Program



National Australia Bank (NAB) has haulted a portion of their Qantas frequent flyer program because of a man who essentially paid $70 to earn 380,000 frequent flyer points.   How did this happen?

Oh, those savvy travelers!   This past January, fliers learned of NAB’s offer to credit an extra 100 frequent flyer points everytime they use their NAB Qantas credit card.  Consumers pounced on the proposition!  

You see, travelers immediately recognized that NAB never stipulated how much each purchase needed to be in order to earn additonal points so.  NAB customers began making purchases as little as one cent, earning 100 frequent flyer miles.  

In fact, Anthony Agius began making miniscule purchases.  The majority of them, to the toll road operator with Melbourne – CityLink.  Mr. Agius racked up a whopping 7000 one cent purchases! 

These purchases were so recurrent, CityLink phoned Mr. Agius and inquired if his credit card was being illegally accessed!  Mr. Agius had to explain to CityLink that he had been making insignificant purchases to earn frequent flyer points. 

Qantas-Frequent-Flyer-Credit-CardOnce NAB caught on though, they were furious.  On January 15th, they fired off a letter to Mr. Agius refuting his hefty frequent flyer mile earnings mandating:

It was NAB’s intention that ‘eligible purchases’ would be the usual everyday purchases however there was no minimum spend noted in the letter of offer and I’m sorry if this has caused any misunderstanding…”

NAB refused to credit Mr. Agius for any one cent purchases made from  January 6th through January 9th.  Fortunate for Mr. Agius, he’s still entitled to the frequent flyer miles he racked up before he was busted by NAB.

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