Chinese Travel Agents Are An Irresistible Market For Australian Travel Businesses

Chinese dumplings

Chinese dumplings

With an impressive 213,383 visitors coming in from China in the first quarter of 2013, Tourism Research Australia puts the Asian giant as one of the largest providers of inbound tourists to Australia. The figures in the latest International Visitors Survey are up 15% from what it was in 2012 for Chinese inbound tourists.

The same survey also claims (as per feedbacks from the Shanghai based China Contact) that Chinese tourism agents have sent out more than 6.5 million outbound tourists in the same quarter, accounting for more than 30 million day/person in the same period. The sheer volume of tourists generated by the Chinese agents makes them a point of contact that is simply irresistible for Australian tourism businesses.

Carolyn Childs and Bronwyn White, both travel researchers have teamed up with China market specialist Andrea Plawutsky and delved deeper into the world of the Chinese travel agency market to bring to the forefront this wonderful insight. They intend to share the details on 25 June, 2013 in Sydney. The China Travel Trade Research and Workshop: Insights to Action will be an all day affair with invaluable insights into the world of the Chinese travel agency market and how to effectively connect with it. The researchers have claimed that the this insight is going to be an invaluable asset for the Australian travel businesses, especially as the Chinese travel agencies hold considerable influence on the decisions taken by their clients.’s Carolyn Childs claimed that agents are regularly ‘switch-selling’ one to two clients every month, with some agents reportedly doing this more often. Additionally, the researchers claim that Chinese clients are approaching their agents with a pre-determined list of destinations that they wish to travel to and their clients are ‘helping’ them to make the final decision. In terms of first time visitors or those with less experience, the Chinese travel agency market thus assumes critical importance.

Agents touched during the course of this research claimed that they base their advice and switch-selling on the basis of information and what they feel is in the best interest of their clients. Thus it becomes critical for Australian businesses to connect with the Chinese agents and provide them all the information that they need, so that they don’t switch-sell away from Australian destinations. Having said that, one heartening thing to note is that Australian destinations are a top favourite among Chinese travellers and more and more travellers looking for an ‘out of region’ experience are preferring Australian destinations. Natural factors and some of the most iconic destinations make up for this interest in Australia among Chinese travellers.

Ms. Childs also added that the results of the above research is consistent with what she had previously seen in some of the consumer oriented researches that she had conducted and also indicates the relevancy in understanding the travel trade.

An interesting observation made by Amplify Me’s Andrea Plawutsky, the Mandarin speaking travel researcher, is that the Chinese travel agents are motivated by the opportunity to travel and develop professionally and not merely by money. She mentioned that this is an important factor to consider when approaching the Chinese agents, considering how they value the chance to grow professionally and to travel. Chinese agents are reportedly said to value personal experience when they advice their clients about any product.

The workshop will include presentation of the results of the research, a China Travel Trade Insight session with a panel of top Chinese travel specialists who will be sharing their secrets of success. The workshop will also include a session that will show how to use the insights gathered in real life situations in order to help Australian travel businesses tap the burgeoning Chinese travel market.

MyTravelResearch is offering a platinum package worth $988 which includes entry to the workshop, the full report and also a membership to the China Travel Trade Microsite to access the report online along with other information.

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