Are First Class Travellers Terrorizing The Planet?



I know, the title does sound a bit like a line pulled straight from a 1950’s syfy movie!   Seriously, how far will you go to save the earth? Do you recycle your bottles and cans?  Howabout sacrificing your comfy, 1st class seat on a jumbo jet, for a puny, economy sized one at the back of the plane?

The-World-BankIf you’ve ever been faced with that decision and had chosen the latter,

CONGRATULATIONS!  You, my friend, are saving the earth one flight at a time, so says The World Bank.

In researching its company’s own carbon foot print on the planet, The World Bank discovered that, 1st class air travellers put out 9 times the pollution and waste than travellers who fly coach.

If you fly business class, you’re naughty as well.  The World Bank suggests business class passengers are putting out at least 3 times the pollution and waste than their economy class counterparts.

Though computations mixed with a variety of aspects can be complex, The World Bank found that for each 1st class traveller, it’s estimated that at least 6 travelers flying coach could fit into that space, using less fuel an spewing fewer toxins into the air.


Essentially, fewer seats on planes mean more fuel, more flights, and more pollution.  Not to mention, 1st class passengers often times carry more luggage which weighs down the plane resulting in the comsumption of more oil.

Just think, if everyone surrendered some luxuries in the sky, we’d all be able to reap the riches here on land.

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