Here Are The Winners Of The Best Jobs In The World

The 18 Best Jobs in the World finalists with Tourism Australia's Andrew McEvoy

The 18 Best Jobs in the World finalists with Tourism Australia’s Andrew McEvoy

Australia’s Best Jobs in the World competition attracted applications from nearly 200 countries across the world and from people who are from all walks of life. So when the final list of winners came out it was no surprise that the winners represented a diverse and unique mix. One of them is an American finance graduate, another is a Brazilian travel photographer, and then there is an Irish Internet Entrepreneur, a French tourism guide, an English film costume designer and an adventure tour guide from Canada.

Andrew Smith (USA):      Chief Funster (New South Wales)

Roberto Seba (Brazil):      Lifestyle Photographer (Melbourne, Victoria)

Allan Dixon (Ireland):       Outback Adventurer (Northern Territory):

Elisa Detrez (France):      Park Ranger (Queensland)

Rich Keam (England):      Taste Master (Western Australia)

Greg Snell (Canada):       Wildlife Caretaker (South Australia)

Virgin Australia awarded a seventh job to Cameron Ernst from the USA. He will be flying the length and breadth of the country as the airline’s new ‘High Flyer’, promoting the airline’s customer service.

Together, these seven winners have fended off the challenge from more than 330,000 competitors across the globe. They are expected to assume their positions between August and December 2013.

A total of 18 competitors were selected for the final round and they spent a week taking part in a number of challenges which tested and analysed their thirst for adventure, appreciation of nature, culinary skills, social media and photography knowledge. At the end of the demanding challenge their performances were assessed and the winners were announced.

Tourism Australia Managing Director Andrew McEvoy mentioned that the winners thoroughly deserved it having passed all the demanding assignments that were throw at their way. He also thanked all the 18 finalists and congratulated the winners mentioning that they displayed a tremendous amount of talent, energy and intent during the selection process. He hoped that they would carry the same intent and exuberance into their respective jobs. He also thanked the 330,000+ applicants who showed interest in the ‘Best Jobs in the World’ and encouraged them to come to Down Under on a working holiday or just for the sake of fun on a vacation and experience for themselves why there is ‘Nothing like Australia’.

Mr. McEvoy also mentioned that the real winner at the end is the incredible natural beauty and eco-diversity that Australia is known for, something that has been showcased across the globe, thanks to this competition. He also drew attention towards the ‘Youth Campaign’ which he mentioned is already bringing results with both Virgin Australia and STA Travel reporting spikes in booking and Tourism Australia reporting an increased interest in the Working Holiday Maker program. This event had been a major push to promote Australia’s Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program across the world. To give an estimate, in 2012, the WHM program saw a total contribution of A$2.5 Billion pouring into the economy, with each visitor spending an average of A$13,000 during their stay.

An interesting point was revealed by a survey conducted during the application process. Out of the 15,000 who took the survey from among the 330,000 applicants, 72% are planning to apply for a working visa and 39% are seriously considering applying for one within the next six months.

Since the competition started the fans on the Tourism Australian Facebook page trebled from 150,000 to 470,000, with young eager travellers all across the globe requesting for information on working holiday program in Australia.

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