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The FAA will hear recommendations of easing restrictions on the usage of electronic gadgets

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is looking into easing limitations on using your tablets, smart phones, music players and other electronic widgets, before take-off and after landing. 

Travellers who absolutelycannot be separated from their precious electronic devices while flying, may be instore for a pleasant surprise courtesy of the FAA.  

The U-S administration plans to accept counsel from an aviation industry consulting commission, which will be reviewing whether or not it’s safe to ease limitations.

Limitations on your internet usage and cellular phone airtime are not expected to change . 

Any changes that are made by the FAA will also affect and determine Australia’s regulations.   The FAA recently released a statement which, inpart read:  The FAA recognizes consumers are intensely interested in the use of personal electronics aboard aircraft; that is why we tasked a government-industry group to examine the safety issues and the feasibility of changing the current restrictions…” 

On-board-safety-regulationsWhat’s interesting is, based on FAA regulations, passengers are able to utilize their electronic equipment when the airplane is below 10,000 feet.

However, the airline would have to examine every electronic gadget to ensure it does not impede upon the electrical equipment used to operate the aircraft. 

Therefore, when the aircraft is below 10,000 feet, the airlines generally ban the use of electronic equipment before taxiing, take-off and landings. 

There are a number of concerns with travellers utilizing their electronic gadgets including,  travellers themselves annoyed with other passengers loudly chatting away on their cell phones.

Even though today’s electronic gadgets are at a lower risk of  interference with the operation of aircrafts, the FAA’s main concern is for the safety of its travellers.

If the proposition presented by the aviation industry consulting commission suggests to relax electronic restrictions on airpcrafts, the FAA will require that all airplanes be vetted to ensure a low risk interference from a traveller’s electronic gadget. 

Other issues are whether bulky gadgets like laptops be allowed as they may injure other passengers during heavy turbulence or a crash. 


Travel and frequent flyer site Milepoint – points out that travellers and the FAA have valid points for keeping and lifting restrictions

Michael Huerta, an FAA overseer suggests the administration is working toward a compromise that would consider a traveller’s viewpoint as well as the safety of all flights:  “It’s good to see the FAA may be on the verge of acknowledging what the travelling public has suspected for years – that current rules are arbitrary and lack real justification.”

U-S democratic Senator, Claire McCaskill respresenting Missouri, is more direct relaying, if there’s no proof a passenger’s electronic device is harmful, restrictions must be lifted.  Many agree including Edward Pizzarello, co-founder of  chat site MilePoint.  He contends:  “I actually feel like this regulation has been toughest on flight attendants. Nobody wants to shut off their phone, and the flight attendants are always left to be the bad guys and gals.”

Though Mr. Pizzarello was left riding the fence:  “There are plenty of people that don’t have the social skills necessary to make a phone call on a plane without annoying the people around them. Some things are better left alone.”


Actor Alec Baldwin kicked off flight for refusing to turn off his cell phone


Celebrities have even suffered.  You may recall actor Alec Baldwin was kicked off of a flight for refusing to power down his celluar phone.   He later apologized but the frustration still remains vivid.

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