Are You A Same-Cationer? Recognizable Destinations Are Taking Australia By Storm!


Familiarity is winning over Australians has coined the phrase ‘same-cation‘ for those folks who prefers ‘regularity’ in their vacations over ‘mystery’ and ‘intrique!’

Are you the type of patron that walks into the same restaurant and orders your favorite dish?  The same dish?  Every visit?  Some would consider that behavior to be consistent; you know what you want in a meal; or there’s always that fear of spending money on food you absolutely hated!  On the other hand, you my friend may also be considered as ‘boring!’

The same trend is taking form with vacationers who visit the same destination, year, after year, after year.  Infact, a new survey conducted by, deems these monotonous travelers as ‘same-cationers!’


The survey discovered that 60% of Aussies visited the same vacation destination a number of times over the course of 5 years.  Here are other statistics from the survey:

  • 25% reserved their vacations for the same time, every year
  • 40% vacationed with the same group of friends or family every year
  • 1 in 5 vacationers reserved the exact same lodgings
  • 29% chose the same airline

So why do ‘same-cationers’ dare not venture outside their realm of comfort?  A number of reasons!

  • 37% want inexpensive airfare to their destination
  • 50% say they want value for their hard-earned cash
  • 53% say they want pastimes that are familiar
  • 51% like visiting well-known people like friends and family
  • 47% prefer a calming and peaceful environment

Does this mean ‘we’ as Australians, are losing our edge?  Katherine Cole, a representative of, these days, Aussies are looking for a peace of mind.

On holidays, we want to be able to switch off and relax while knowing we are getting great value for money.

As travel becomes more affordable with the rise in low-cost airlines and accommodation deals, taking a short break to a familiar destination that you love is easier and more appealing than ever.

Ms. Cole goes on to say recognizable environments are captivating Australians.

Australians are increasingly becoming creatures of habit when it comes to traveling.  They like to return to the same places with the same people at the same time of year, so we have a new trend – the same-cation.


A Bali oasis

Kali Austin, a same-cationer from Newport in NSW says returning to the same vacation spot can be exciting each time.

I’ve been going back to Bali every year for the past five years, mainly because there are always cheap airfares, and Bali is great value for money.

Even though I know Bali quite well now, there always seems to be something new to see and do, which means I get the best of both worlds – adventure and familiarity.

Same-cationer Janice Barletta, residing in Victoria says there are huge benefits to returning to the same destination especially if you have children.

We’ve been going to Echuca for the past 10 years. We love it because we know what to expect when we get there and we’re guaranteed to have a great holiday every time.

We don’t want to risk being disappointed, given holidays are few and far between these days, so Echuca will be our holiday spot for years to come.

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