Bare and Beautiful! Australians Go Nude and Are Loving It!



Australians have been known to let their inner lion roam free and, according to a new survey conducted by Expedia, the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon!

Based on‘s new study, Aussies are baring it all on nude beaches abroad and are loving it!   Expedia discovered that 1/3 of Aussies who vacation out of the country prefer to go au naturel while they’re sunbathing on the beach.

That figure is nothing compared to the French.  Infact 73% of  French beach goers say they prefer to bare it all while wiggling sand between their toes.

Vacationers in a number of countries favor nude sunbathing at the beach including: 38% of Norwegians (Norway), 44% of  Danes (Denmark), and 36% of the Dutch (Netherlands.)’s survey also concluded Aussies are the ultimate nudists, as they prefer to  soak up the sun beachside, completely naked, rather than sport beach attire; beating out regions such as Italy, Brazil, France, the US and Spain, coming in at 5% versus the universal 2%.

Countries that come close to ‘baring it all’ as their preferred beach garb is: Germany, Netherlands, Spain and New Zealand, all ranking at 4%. Expedia_logo_

Amee Evans, a reprsentative for Expedia says Aussies are famous for always attempting bold and innovative activities.

Travel brings out our inner exhibitionist.  We don’t have a lot of nude beaches here in Australia and topless sunbathing isn’t as acceptable here as it is in, say, France, so we’re keen to strip off overseas when we get the chance.

Ms. Evans believes:

We’re known internationally for being a fit, healthy good-looking bunch of people so we’re feeling ultra-confident to get our gear off on holiday.

Some other statistics uncovered noted Australians are very mindful and aware of their appearance, with over 1/4 of survey participants spending a mininum of $150 on:

  • working out – 21%
  • dieting – 20%
  • new outfit – 60%

Some of the desired celebatory luxuries consist of:

  • consuming more food than normal – 60%
  • Snoozing – 65%
  • becoming privately affecionate with your mate – 51%

Check out some of the most popular nude beaches and happenings!

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