China’s Tourists Make Their Way To Australia

China's travellers are broadening their horizons photo credit: gentlemen marketing agency

China’s travellers are broadening their horizon
photo credit: Gentlemen Marketing Agency

China is uncovering parts of Australian travel in ways that have never been encountered before!  Or at least, from the perspective of a traveller from Asia.

More and more travellers from Asia are flocking to regions of Australia that have turned out to be nothing less than adventurous escapes.

Tourists from Asia  have vacationed in different regions of the northern part of Queensland and the Gold Coast.   Vacationers who are predominantly from China are also venturing off into local districts moreso than the global tourist standard. 

These new statistics does not seem to sit well with casino mogul and billionaire, James Packer who believes, Asia’s travellers are most fascinated with large and popular cities.  This assumption on the part of Mr. Packer is furthest from the truth according to a new report.  

Deloitte AustraliaIn concurrence with the Deloitte Tourism and Hotel Market Outlook, in the next twenty years Chinese travellers could be equivalent to that of the whole global market at present. 

Infact, 2/3 of the tourism market will evolve from China.  What’s more, U-S travellers are making a comeback – to Australia as their financial prudence perks up.

Lachlan Smirl, Economics Director of the Deloitte Tourism and Hotel Market Outlook, has been aware of the stats for quite some time.

We’ve known for some time that China is where the growth is and where the biggest opportunity is but until recently it’s been quite focused on the gateway cities.

The share of their time spent in Sydney and Melbourne has fallen from 73 per cent to 63 per cent since 2008.

Some of the other regions are starting to share the benefits of this rapidly growing market.

Travellers from around the world, heading to Australia grew just about 5% over the past year and, with an even larger increase of 7% with travellers who opted for an over night stay.

Tourists from China visit the Gold Coast photo credit:

Tourists from China visit the Gold Coast
photo credit:

Queensland profited from air carriers out of China, who had made flights available to Cairns.  In addition, if airlines continue to progress with flights to other local Australian regions, tourism from China will broaden even further, Mr. Smirl said. 

In essence, now that the Aussie dollar has fallen, travel to Australia has become more attractive though, China’s middle-class vacationers have always visited Australia but splurged less when the Australian dollar was at it highest peak, Mr. Smirl suggests.

People have had their overseas trips, they have been to Bali, they’re now starting to resort back to local destinations.

Tourism Australia is getting infront of the Asian tourism boom by building marketing campaigns, specifically in places like Shanghai, to entice Asia’s travellers to make Australia their vacation hot spot.

Reports also show that commerce travel has fallen as expansion in the mining districts began to improve.

Prices for hotel stays dropped by 2% in Perth and Brisbane over the past year. 

Nevertheless, Mr. Smirl said three and four-star hotels are still in high demand with 65 new lodging projects set to begin construction over the next few years.

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