Wet’n’Wild Splashes Down in Sydney With Amazing New Water Park


Wet N Wild Overview

For the price of a new pair of shoes ($75 for a yearly pass,) you’ll be able to enjoy Australia’s newest and coolest mega water park!

Wet'n'Wild Sydney - Skycoaster

Wet’n’Wild Sydney – Skycoaster

Located in west Sydney, stands Wet’n Wild, with 42 incredible attractions and slides.  Most notable is the Skycoaster.  This Godzilla-of-a-ride is so colossal, there are hair-raising instuctions that would make, even  the wildest daredevil squeamish!

  • STEP ONE – You’ll be strapped into a harness attached to a massive cable 
  • STEP TWO – Then you’ll be raised over 50 metres off the ground – that’s higher than BATWING Spaceshot.  You then need the guts to pull your own ripcord before plummeting face first towards the ground.
  • STEP THREE – You’ll be catapulted across the Giant Wave Pool on a suspended cable at 60km/h – that’s as fast as the new AquaLoop
  • STEP FOUR – After you’ve reached solid ground, perhaps it’s time for a lie-down

Chris Warhust, General Manager for Wet’n’Wild Sydney, says there is something for everyone.

“The beach, water slides, carpark and action river have all taken shape.   And now the park is starting to get landscaping over the next four months.”

Wet'n'Wild Sydney - Construction underway

Wet’n’Wild Sydney – Construction underway

Constructing the $115 million water park has been a massive undertaking, utilizing  tons of concrete, almost 20 miles of piping, fiberglass, all used to create pools, build attractions, mold passageways.

AND at the head of it, are over 160 staff members ranging from brick layers to engineers, working feverishly to complete its gigantic water theme park on schedule.  

Wet'n'Wild Sydney - Whizzard Mat 8 Racer

Wet’n’Wild Sydney – Whizzard Mat 8 Racer

Mr. Warhust said building Wet’n’Wild took intense focus with some 1100 streaming functions which had to be synchronized to fall into place; creating one the of largest water themed parks in the world. 

Other attractions to look forward too are the flamboyant Whizzard Mat 8 Racer, which can be seen from the M4 motorway, encirling the Prospect Reservoir; and Dark Tornado which stands 18m high.  

Wet'n'Wild Sydney - Dark Tornado

Wet’n’Wild Sydney – Dark Tornado

Mr. Warhust is confident Sydney’s latest and hottest waterpark will open its aquatic doors December 2013.

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