Qantas and Disney Join Hands to Premiere Planes at 30,000 Feet

Qantas and Disney Join Hands to Premiere Planes at 30,000 Feet

Qantas and Disney Join Hands to Premiere Planes at 30,000 Feet

Qantas and Disney joined hands recently to announce the premiere of Disney’s ‘Planes’, the latest action-packed family movie from Disney Studios. The premiere will be held at a height of 30,000 off the ground! Yes, that’s right. Qantas will be premiering the movie inside one of their 767 aircrafts to 254 passengers, giving them a once in a life time experience.

Disney’s ‘Planes’ is a 3D action packed adventure comedy movie telling the story of Dusty, a crop duster with dreams to become a high-flying air racer. The Story also tells about an Australian plane, Rochelle, confident and capable, with the insignia of a kangaroo painted on her side. The story shows how she started off as flying mails to small towns around Tasmania and whilst doing that developed the taste for fast travel. Her experiences push her to attempt air racing.

The voice over cast includes Australia’s very own Jessica Marais, featuring as the voice of Rochelle in the regional version of the film, to be released in Australia and New Zealand.

As part of its promotional efforts for the film, Qantas will be painting one of its aircrafts with the livery of ‘Planes’ apart from hosting the premiere in September that will happen at 30,000 feet off the ground.

John Cracknell, Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company in Australia mentioned that the in-flight premiere of the ‘Planes’ at 30,000 feet is a once in a life time experience which encompasses the core essence of Disney which is, storytelling with a lot of fun, innovation and an overall rich experience.

Both Qantas and Disney share a long term bond with Australian families, thanks to their world class products, passion for innovation and excellence in service. Mr. Cracknell thanked Qantas for being their partner and co-pilot in this endeavor to premiere Planes in Australia.

Olivia Wirth, Group Executive Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs mentioned that Qantas is proud to be associated with the launch of the new Disney film in Australia. Qantas is excited to be hosting a movie premiere in the sky was her exact words.

She also mentioned that the presence of an Australian plane in the movie is definitely going to appeal to the young Australian minds. She also gave hints that the airlines is going to work closely with Disney on a number of promotional activities centered around the film.

Kids around the country will be able to participate in a competition and upon winning they will be given tickets to the premiere in the sky. The competition will be run on The Today Show on Channel 9 and also via some of Qantas’ social media channels.

Both Qantas and Disney are in their 90’s, with the airlines celebrating its 93rd year and The Walt Disney Company turning 90 next October. Mr.Cracknell mentioned that great brands always stand the test of time. He added that both Qantas and Disney have been serving Australian families for many years now and stand for innovation, quality and excellence.

Disney’s Planes takes off in theatres around the September school holidays and will be available in Disney Digital 3D ™ in select cinemas.

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