Travel In Class and Yet Save Money, Cheapflights Shows You How


If you’re a type of traveller who believes in frugality, this will certainly interest you.

Cheapflights travel expert Kara Segedin claims more and more Australians are opting to tread the path of frugality when it comes to travelling on their vacation. The trend rose with the arrival of winter and as people expected their tax returns. has recently compiled a data set which seems to veto that claim.

Kara added that spending your income tax return on a much needed vacation is a wonderful idea, but if you’re frugal you can end up saving more money during your travels, i.e., if you’re flexible and willing to do a bit of research. offers the best deals in flights, and accommodations by comparing information collected from more than 300 travel partners, without adding any extra burden of fees or hidden charges involved.

Kara added that travellers can save a decent amount of money if they opt for flights mid-week. The same way a bit of research and timing of your accommodation booking can also save you some money. Kara mentioned that a lot of resorts have cheaper accommodations mid-week, while some of the best hotels in major cities offer their best deals during the weekends when the business travellers have left town.

She also suggested, while travelling in a city, taking the public transport is a cheaper and more practical way of enjoying the sights and sounds that are on offer. It also provides the traveller a point of view that only the locals see. Needless to say it also saves a considerable amount of money.

She also recommended that travellers contact the local chambers of commerce. They can help by providing welcome kits including coupons for restaurants, tours around the city, its best attractions and for activities. Indeed, she said, there are more than one ways to get the most out of your travel budget without exerting too much on the comfort level. Some might even getaway with a luxury holiday without even spending anywhere near the expense one would normally expect to pay. To conclude, she opined, regardless of where one is travelling to in the world, there is always a way to look stylish and yet save money.

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