Watch out! Airlines are charging you for your carry-on bags!


Baggage set in green and acid coloursWomen who carry shoulder bags or large purses could be subject to hefty baggage fees!  Infact, that’s exactly what happend to Yvonne Nicolas, a Melbourne native who was hit with an additional $82.50 (which was pricier than her flight alone)  in luggage fees because her shoulder bag was over the 5kg maximum.

Ms. Nicolas was quite alarmed when she was advised of the extra fees:

“Most people may not check what their handbag weighs.  Mine just had a purse, make-up kit, glasses case, an umbrella and gloves. It was certainly not a big bag that many women carry.”

“I didn’t believe my suitcase was more than 10kg. Why would I risk being overcharged at check-in?”

Travellers should be aware that airlines carry their own ‘carry-on’ limit.  Virgin has a carry-on maximum of 7kg for budget-friendly flights though, permit travellers to take onboard a small bag, no larger than 30cm in length, which would not be subjected to weigh-in.

Qantas too, has a 7kg carry-on luggage maxium for customers travelling on domestic flights but, customarily will not weigh all baggage.

Jetstar and Tiger have a 10kg, 2-item domestic carry-on maximum.

Tom Godfrey, a respresentative of Choice,  a consumer advocate group, said travellers are in the dark when it comes to excess luggage fees.

“Airlines should make it clear to consumers that when they are talking about baggage, they do mean handbags too.”avoid-baggage-excess-costs

Vanessa Regan, a representative for Tiger says travellers have options.

For example,  to  lesson the amount of luggage fees like purchase additional weight which is offered at a cheaper rate as long as you purchase four hours prior to your flight.

“Our policies are not in place to be difficult. We believe them to be fair so people only pay for what they need, ” says Ms. Regan.

“The carry-on luggage allowance is also in place for safety reasons, to ensure we have the right amount of baggage which is allowed in the cabin.”

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