QANTAS engine surge drama – Hong Kong to Sydney


Yet another QANTAS engine drama has caused a flight bound from Hong Kong to return back to base. The Boeing 747-400 was carrying 327 passengers en-route to Sydney on a 9PM flight before being forced to turn back due to engine surges during climbing.

The added delay was on top of an original four hour delay caused by inclement weather and further mechanical issues.

Customers were forced to sit on the plane waiting without food until the issues were resolved.

According to passengers, things became worse when the 747-300 finally arrived back at Hong Kong, with passengers finding out that they had to buy their own food and find a hotel to stay at until the next available flight.

South Yarra resident, Claire McKeown told NEWS that she was frustrated with the experience.

“They’re trying to make us pay for food in Hong Kong and we have had to chase up everything,” she said.

“It’s been quite confusing.

“We have been having to ring Qantas and the hotel staff to find out what’s going on and things keep changing.

The plane was due to fly out at 9pm Hong Kong time and the passengers did not arrive at their hotel until around 5.30am.”

A QANTAS spokesperson told NEWS that QF128 experienced a surge in its number one engine during a climb out of Hong Kong and that safety was never compromised during the flight.

The spokesperson also said that the pilot followed correct safety procedures and that passengers were never placed at risk.

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