Conde Nast Readers Rank Queenstown One Of The World’s Friendliest Cities

Queenstown ranks fourth on the list of world’s friendliest cities

Queenstown ranks fourth on the list of world’s friendliest cities

Conde Nast Traveler’s list of 20 of the world’s friendliest cities features Queenstown, New Zealand in a prominent position, thanks to its mesmerizing natural beauty, ever-smiling people and the rich diversity of experience that the city offers to its guests.

Queenstown is positioned fourth on the list with a reader’s rating of 91.8. Conde Nast Readers mentioned that the “tranquil and peaceful town” boasted an “excellent outdoor vibe” paired with down to Earth, nice people.”

Comments and reviews include such statements as –

“The city itself is breathtaking, and it has so many areas that are close by for scenery and adventure sports.”

This “all-seasons jewel” is “clean and inviting”, delivering “mountains, lakes and vineyards” that are “a feast for the eyes and the palate”.

Many readers have also opined that if they are to consider looks alone, Queenstown can hold its own even on that but definitely goes above and beyond with its hospitality.

This list of the Friendliest and the Un-friendliest cities in the world is part of an annual survey that involves more than 46,000 readers around the world voting on almost everything, from cities, to islands, and airlines and cruises.

Destination Queenstown CEO Graham Budd was excited when he mentioned that to be recognized by actual travelers, through a platform that is well known all over the world as an influential travel source, is definitely a momentous occasion, one worth celebrating.

It is indeed a great way to get acknowledged the world over that Queenstown offers such a fantastic all round experience to its guests.

Mr. Budd added that Queenslanders are passionate about their town and they love sharing it others. They are lucky to be surrounded by such stunning natural vistas; lakes, alpine environments making such a pristine atmosphere. Add to that the fact that this town is a melting pot of cultures and full of people that are down to Earth and Queenstown invariably becomes a must-visit place for international tourists.

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