Save Money on Your Cook Island Direct Flights

Save money on your Cook Island direct flights

Save money on your Cook Island direct flights

If you book between now and August 21, you could get unbelievable discounts on Air New Zealand’s direct flights between Sydney and tropical Rarotonga, the capital of the Cook Islands. In fact, seats are available for as little as $259 one way during the January school holidays.

If you act in haste (which is a good thing here), you can beat the winter chill and have some quality time with your family at this South Pacific haven by availing the direct services departing on 10, 17, 24 and 31 August and between 12-October and 13-December from $289 (one-way fares) and $359 (for The Works, including 23 Kg checked baggage, unlimited in-flight entertainment and a sumptuous full meal plus beverage service).

08.03.2013_2_1Air New Zealand’s direct flight takes-off from Sydney every Saturday evening and arrives in Rarotonga in just under six hours.

Kerryn Cook, General Manager Australia for Cook Islands Tourism mentioned that the place offer exceptional value for money during the Christmas holiday period as it is lean season here. Families looking for a vacation time during this season will find the discounted flights and complimenting budget accommodations adding up to a great amount of savings.

She added that in spite of it being the most humid and warmest of time in Cook Islands, a 29 ? maximum temperature is a pleasant one for Australians who are habituated to spending time in Bali or Thailand. Downpours are not that frequent, there is plenty of sunshine to enjoy and above all there are no stingers in the gorgeous lagoons.

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