Exotic Australian jobs lure British workers


The South Australian government is attempting to lure British thrill seekers with exciting, exotic jobs that people would die to be paid for.

The recently launched campaign is hunting for young people aged between 18 and 30 years old who want to catch koalas, tag sharks and even taste beer for a living.

All potential applicants have to do is fly to South Australia on a working visa and apply through an interview process.

Moves to lure job seekers come after a survey conducted by the South Australian government indicated over 60% of the 2000 interviewed weren’t happy with their current jobs.

The survey indicated that the most boring jobs were in accounting, administration, call centre work and retail.

South Australia’s London-based agent general Bill Muirhead said:

“Life seems to be dealing workers a rough hand at the moment.

“Not even the recent sunny weather has managed to cheer up the Brits.

“This isn’t about one job that everyone has to compete for, but rather about showing people that South Australia offers more exciting work and travel options than anywhere else in the world.

“And anyone on a working holiday could do them.

“Travellers who want to work have an option. Take the usual trail, do the usual jobs, or go for something that you can’t get anywhere else in the world and have an experience you’ll be dining out on for years, the sort of experience you’ll be telling your grand-kids about.

“This is the first time these jobs have collectively been released and with no previous experience necessary, we’re offering people a genuine chance to get away from it all.”

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