Tigerair Names Newly Branded A320 “Sarah” After Facebook Fan


While it is beyond the reach of an average flyer to own an aircraft, somewhere deep down inside a desire to own one which bears your name always burns. For those who feel likewise, Tigerair’s recent “Name On A Plane” competition which had been going on Facebook since July 15th, 2013, was a great chance to have their name painted on the nose of a real-life commercial airliner.

The competition saw thousands of Australian’s vying for support among their friends and families in a bid to get their name painted on one of Tigerair’s newly branded A320 aircrafts and win a free trip to the Sunshine Coast along with 15 of their friends next month on the winner’s flight.

Carly Brear, Tigerair Commercial Director, said that it was a lot of fun working with all the names that flowed in over the course of the last few weeks. The voting poll narrowed down the final list to five names last week. Those were – James, Daniel, Emily, Sarah and Michael. Voters ultimately decided on Sarah as the most popular of all the names.

The top ten Sarah’s (those with the highest number of votes on Tigerair’s Facebook page) were all winners as they have won for themselves and 15 of their friends seats on a private flight to the sunshine Coast in September.

Tigerair’s top 10 Sarahs as voted for by Facebook fans are:

1. Sarah Shelley

2. Sarah Mills

3. Sarah Lowrie

4. Sarah Chippett

5. Sarah Pongracic

6. Sarah Chapman

7. Sarah McPherson

8. Sarah Lyons

9. Sarah Loughran

10. Sarah Green

It’s a fitting move to rename one of the aircrafts after a dedicated fan said Ms. Brear, especially as during the recent rebranding it was decided to put more focus on their customers than anything else as they poised themselves for growth. The team thought that putting the name of one of their fans, a customer, is probably the best way to express that intent. She also mentioned that the team is eager to watch “Sarah” fly out to the destinations across Australia. They are also eager to welcome the ten winning Sarahs to flying out to the Sunshine Coast along with their mates on their self-named aircraft.

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