The rugged ‘outback’ marketing campaigns make way for more upscale advertisement

There’s Nothing Like Australia - Blue sea

There’s Nothing Like Australia – coral reefs and sky blue ocean

Out with the jagged edges of Australian adventure – Paul Hogan style and, in with the opulent and upscale activities offered inside of the world’s sixth largest country. 

That’s the message Tourism Australia (TA) would like to send to future travellers.  In fact, TA has spent upwards of $250 million in marketing dollars to drive home how they’d like travellers to view Australia.

A commercial running in China has begun to paint a picture of Australia – made up of breathtaking views and landscapes, all taken in while indulging in a massage at Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa; a game of chess played by a couple lounging at the lavish Saffire located in Tasmania; and world class dining at Uluru in the Northern Territory.

Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa

Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa

TA is promoting other stunning images of Australia such as the Great Barrier Reef, Bungle Bungles, gum trees carelessly riding the wind and, a dazzling Sydney Harbour. 

Also in the commercial which its run-time is 1:30, features aboriginal and non-aboriginal kids frolicking in the sand along the deep blue ocean.

The theme of TA’s latest tourism push is There’s Nothing Like Australia, performed and co-written by Aussie singer Dewayne Everettsmith and Jasmine Beams, a U-S viola musician.

TA has also looked to social media to promote their re-branding of Australia; introducing hubs and tablet apps which are all interactive from, its website.

Andrew McEvoy, TA’s managing director says their There’s Nothing Like Australia promotion, which  was unveiled in 2010, will be around for awhile. 

 “This new campaign creative – particularly the locations and how they have been shot – clearly demonstrate Australia’s distinctive and high quality tourism products and experiences that are amongst the world’s finest.”

TA’s interest is to target middle class travellers who are looking for extravagance in a vacation and have the money to experience it. 

“Australia does have a majesty and a grandeur to it and that’s something that we really wanted to capture,” said Dylan Harrison, Executive Creative Director of DDB Group Sydney, who assisted with the marketing strategy.

Mr. Harrison said, there intent was to aim at travellers who can meet the expenses of travelling to Australia. 

There’s Nothing Like Australia - succession of sail boats

There’s Nothing Like Australia – succession of sail boats

“We not only wanted to show the great Australian icons in a relatively new way, but also some of the locations and experiences that people aren’t so familiar with.”

The new campaign has been translated into 17 dialects and is set to roll out to the United States and United Kingdom, with an extra $5 million added to the budget to encourage Australians to take advantage of their home country.

Travel to Australia is on the rise with the majority of its visitors coming from Asia.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Vistors from Japan to Australia increased by 16%
  • Vistors from South Korea to Australia increased by 17%
  • Vistors from China to Australia increased by 34%

There’s Nothing Like Australia

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