The list you’ve been waiting for! The Top 10 Things NOT To Do While Flying


Passenger chaoss

Bad B-O, lengthy check-ins and tardy flights can make the experience of flying utterly over-whelming!

But what travellers don’t realize is bad airport etiquette will not only make your air-time uncomfortable but downright unpleasant for others around you.

To avoid such discomfited behavior on your part, consider the Top 10 Things NOT To Do While Flying.

Gate Crasher

While it’s absolutely annoying to sit around waiting to board, what’s even more annoying is prowling the gate waiting for your section to be called.

With an already taxing boarding situation, you’ve just made it worse by interfering with other passengers who are now boarding and who have waited patiently to do so.

Getting Wasted

Becoming inebriated usually partners with rowdy behavior.  Disruptive manners may cause flight staff to determine you are no longer fit to fly and, quickly land with coppers waiting at the gate to arrest you.

A drunken passenger  who was set upon by the other passengers for attacking a woman and ranting that the plane was going to crash

A drunken passenger who was set upon by the other passengers for attacking a woman and ranting that the plane was going to crash

Sleepy Head

If you’ve got a long flight ahead of you, it’s only natural to want to catch some zzzzzz.  Not good.  You could awaken to your carry-on missing, your credit cards have been stolen and, your flight left an hour ago.

Annoying Mobile Media

It’s more acceptable for children to become animated with their tablets, cell phones, etc. but, adults who play their devices where the person sitting or standing next to them can hear it is vile!

Funnyman on Board

If, for some reason, you’ve been stopped by airport security and questioned about your luggage or, your arrival and departure, the last thing you want to do is start cracking jokes.

Since almost every airport in the country is on the look-out for terrorists, drug smugglers and thieves, always be aware of your body language and tone.

Respect airport authority with calm and reverence.

Cutting the Line

This behavior is by far, the most hated.  Enough said.

Buying it at the Airport

If you’re running late but still need a few extra snacks, or reading material, it really is best to carve out that extra 5 minutes to stop before you reach the airport.

Airport shops are terribly expensive and if you’re a regular flyer, shopping at the airport could certainly put a dent in your travelling funds.

Getting Chatty with Airport Staff During Check-in

We can’t knock you for attempting to sweet talk airport staff into giving you that sought-after upgrade or, maybe you’re just naturally chatty.

However, the check-in desk is already full of activity.  Try not to add to it with silly banter.

Angry Outbursts

With flight delays and booking mix-ups, we know flying can be frustrating at times but becoming unruly with airport staff and causing a public scene won’t make things better for you.

Travellers in China are all too familiar with this no-no.

Wearing Inappropriate Attire

Did you know you could be denied your flight or possibly detained if you arrive to the airport with attire supporting terrorism or wearing suggestive political INCORRECT clothing?

Terrorist T-Shirt

So inappropriate

Don’t do it.

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