Melbourne on top again as ‘world’s most livable city!



According to the Economist Intelligence Unit‘s (EIU) Global Livability Survey, the city of Melbourne is first rate when it comes to education, culture, stability, healthcare, infrastructure and environment. 

In fact, 4 of Australia’s cities made its way into the top 10: Melbourne (1st), Adelaide (tied for 5th), Sydney (7th) and Perth (9th).

The ‘top 10 most livable cities’ list, comparable to last year hasn’t changed much.  Within each class, cities have the opportunity to earn a score of 100; that being exceptional, to a 1 being unendurable.  Cities which received a score of 80 or more are deemed ‘livable.’

Vienna and Vancouver rounded out the top 3, with a strong showing of Canadian cities ranking fairly high on the list.

Damascus fell to the bottom of the pile due to civil unrest in Syria.  Other notable rankings include Madrid which toppled five spots to rest at 44th, owing to ongoing civil discord and protests; though the region is still considered ‘livable.’

A number of cities were judged ‘intolerable’ where much dissension, fighting and tension are present:  Lagos, Algiers, Tehran, Dhaka (Bangladesh), Douala (Cameroon), Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea),  Tripoli, Karachi and Harare. 

 Top 10 most livable cities:

1. Melbourne, Australia, 97.5

2. Vienna, Austria, 97.4

3. Vancouver, Canada, 97.3

4. Toronto, Canada, 97.2

=5. Calgary, Canada, 96.6

=5. Adelaide, Australia, 96.6

7. Sydney, Australia, 96.1

8. Helsinki, Finland, 96.0

9. Perth, Australia, 95.9

10. Auckland, New Zealand, 95.7

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