Zambia: A Land of Hidden Gems

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Zambia’s popular attractions such as its rich wild-life, the exciting safaris, the breathtaking views of the mighty Victoria Falls, the panoramic views of its lakes, the vast Zambezi river and an array of adventures and relaxing activities that are on offer are all too well known to the discerning traveler. However what make Zambia truly popular among its guests is its unique hidden qualities and the richness of experiences that are on offer off the beaten track.

In fact a large number of travelers swear that one of the most memorable things about the country is the nature of its people. Stories that tell of tales such as getting stuck in the middle of nowhere and within minutes faces popping up to come to their aid abound. Those with first hand experience say that when in need, people will immediately come to your aid and invariably figure out a way to get you out of trouble.

Zambia: A Land of Hidden Gems

Zambia: A Land of Hidden Gems

Again, travelers tell of situations when they have asked for directions and have been too asked many questions in return. The country is quite well known for its curious and helpful inhabitants, a majority of whom speak the queen’s language well and have a concrete opinion about the matters of the world.

An inspiring thing to note about Zambia and its inhabitants is that despite the fact that a majority of the people lives in poverty, most of them have a positive disposition and are in general very entrepreneurial in nature. A walk through the downtown streets, and one is bound to notice the numerous street sellers and stalls selling a multitude of products.

Zambia is a country that is constituted with 73 tribes. Almost all of them have a deep rooted history and explanation of how they came to be at this part of the continent. These stories are an integral part of their existence, revered, shared and celebrated through a number of traditional ceremonies around the year; something that you as a traveler can ill-afford to miss out on. Most of these celebrations are held privately, but if a guest wishes to attend he is usually not prevented. Each tribe has its own ways of celebrating but usually it is an affair with a lot of singing, dancing and feasting involved. Zambia Tourism website maintains a list of these events and if you’re in Zambia it is worth the while to check the list to see if there is one that is going on at the moment.

Zambia is a country that is blessed with an abundant supply of fresh water resources. In fact it has over a third of the water supply of the southern part of the continent. Along the rivers one will come across some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the continent and the world, with no less than 15 of them in found in Northern Province alone. Travelers desirous of visiting one of these waterfalls can hook up with any one of the local travel agents and arrangements for a chauffeur driven trip can be made. On the way one can even take some time off to visit one of the many human settlements to get an experience of an authentic Zambian village. Many travelers say that meeting local people in these villages offer them a better understanding of the country rather than the best views of the Victoria Falls or spotting exotic wildlife on a safari.

A lesser known haven for bird-lovers are the smaller parks in Zambia, some of which are with well over 500 species of birds and no predators, making them ideal locations for exploring and bird spotting on foot.

Kapishya Hot Springs is yet another interesting destination. A small old manor house, Shiwa Ngandu, overlooking the hot springs is located close by. Once made by an Englishman who discovered the hot springs the house has been recently renovated by his grandson and makes for an ideal destination for a few days of peace and tranquil on your journey across the country.

LiuwaPlainsNational Park is yet another small park but if you’re planning to come to visit the journey will be worth it. Every year thousands of blue wildebeests migrate across these lands accompanied by zebras, lechwe, tsessebe and zebra. Following them are predators such as wild dog, hyena, cheetah and lion making this one of the true spectacles of nature. For bird lovers there are more than 330 bird species recorded, making it a true nature lover’s paradise.

On the northern most part of the country is yet another fantastic destination, Lake Tanganyika. There are a number of tourist lodges along the shores of the second deepest lake in the world that abounds with a variety of tropical fish. This destination offers a number of activities for the ardent water sports lover or the game lover. If you simply want to take some time off from mad rush of life, simply lie back and enjoy the views.

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