Tourism Has A Vital Role To Play In Geelong And The Bellarine


According to Geelong Otway Tourism’s Executive Director Roger Grant, tourism has contribute significantly towards the local economy of Geelong and The Bellarine, supporting thousands of jobs and contributing millions of dollars.

Mr. Grant also mentioned that with the Victoria Tourism Week scheduled to run from September 2 to 7, this is the perfect time to celebrate the tourism industry’s undeniable influence over the region’s economy.

A recent report of Tourism Economic Impact Analysis commissioned by the City of Greater Geelong and Geelong Otway Tourism clearly pointed out the role that the industry plays in the local economy. The report mentioned that the tourism sector in Greater Geelong generated more than $553 million in annual productive output and also supported 3355 jobs.

Looking at the larger flow-on effects of visitor expenditures Mr. Grant pointed out that the impact is much larger, to a quantum of $1 Billion for the total region.

The report is a clear indication that the impact of tourism is not only limited to the region’s few tourism related sectors but goes much beyond that and encompasses a number of other industries as well.

Mr. Grant also mentioned that events are a major driving force for the industry and Business Events Geelong does have a major role to play in this area, attracting events, improving the tourism horizon and resultantly the condition of the local economy.

Geelong Otway Tourism’s latest annual report suggests that more than 1600 business events have been held within its territory and more than 64,000 delegates have come to take part in these events. This helped generate an estimated $40 million in business directly impacting the local economy.

Some of the events supported by Business Events Geelong in 2012-13 include the Avalon Airshow, Museums Australia state conference, Deakin University’s ‘Having a Say’ event and Rotary conferences.

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