Air Berlin’s epic luggage fail




Talk about an epic fail!  In a single day, Air Berlin managed to lose an entire flight’s luggage.  Fast forward  to over a month and the majority of luggage is still missing.

Passengers who boarded flight AB 8109 on August 9th had know idea what was instore for them.

After landing in Berlin from Stockholm, passengers waited patiently to collect their luggage at baggage claim.  Minutes turned into hours; hours turned into days; days turned into over a month – and they’re still waiting.

What’s even more embarrassing for Air Berlin?  The luggage was never loaded onto the plane!  Where are the bags?

Passengers say they’ve been given the run-around.  Air Berlin is advising passengers to contact ‘lost and found’ at the airport.  The airport is advising passengers to contact Air Berlin.

Angry passengers took to social media via Twitter to express their outrage.




Once the August 9th episode went viral, a number of customers on other Air Berlin flights have complained about missing bags.

A representative for Air Berlin released a statement to address the issues:

Unfortunately, on Air Berlin flight AB8109 from Stockholm to Berlin-Tegel on 9.08.2013 a chain of unfortunate events occurred which Air Berlin regrets, and we apologize to our guests for the inconveniences they experienced.

In consequence of a delay, the flight was unable to take off in Stockholm on time for Berlin-Tegel.

The majority of guests on the flight were transfer passengers with a connecting flight via Berlin-Tegel, airberlin’s hub.

To ensure that these guests would still reach their final destination via Berlin on the same evening, the pilot decided to take off as quickly as possible in Stockholm and was therefore not able to wait for the baggage to be loaded.

Air Berlin has already delivered the baggage to all the guests on this flight who reported it missing, and we are sorry that in some cases this took longer than usual.

The delay of the baggage delivery is directly connected with the situation at Berlin-Tegel airport, which has experienced a large number of operational problems, particularly with transfer baggage, during the increased volume of traffic over the summer months, as Tegel airport is not designed for the rising number of transfer passengers.

Air Berlin takes this matter very seriously and has already instigated various measures jointly with the Berlin Airports authority and the ground services provider, to ensure that the normal level of service can be guaranteed again.

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