Twelve years after 911 TSA relaxes U-S airport security screening! Well, sortof



Passengers tussling through airport security  Credit: ABC News

Passengers tussling through airport security
Credit: ABC News

U-S residents are relieved to know the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is relaxing its strenuous and tedious airport screening process.  For some, not for all.

For U-S travellers who are not registered in TSA’s ‘trusted travellers’ program, the agency will begin to implement the new accelerated airport screenings by year’s end but cautions, not all U-S travellers will warrant a short screening process.Once you receive your boarding pass you’ll be notified if you have been approved for ‘low risk’ screening

In fact, to qualify for an expedited airport inspection which, by the way, is only open to U-S and Canadian citizens, travellers must apply on-line by completing an application, make available your finger prints and, prepare to shell out $85 (U-S) which will cover a 5-year time frame.

In addition, travellers will only know if they’ve been approved for a ‘low risk’ screening once they’ve received their boarding pass.

A representative for TSA is adamant that relaxing airport screenings will not impede upon airport and flight safety.

“This process will allow the TSA to maintain its high security standards and create greater efficiency while offering more travelers the benefit of expedited screening through the specially designated lanes.”

In order to classify ‘low risk’ passengers, TSA will incorporate documentation which is also used to identify “suspected terrorists” such as: birth date, name and gender.

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