You wouldn’t believe the things travellers complain about!

Traveler anonymity: a customer was jetsetting with his son's wife instead of his own

Traveler Anonymity: a customer was jetsetting with his son’s wife instead of his own has exposed some of the weirdest, tackiest and downright scandalous demands ever made by travellers.

LastMinute, which is a travel site, says customers have pitched fits over the hotel’s bed covers not matching the curtains.

Disgruntled: customer complain that curtains don't match the bed sheets

Disgruntled: customer complain that curtains don’t match the bed sheets

Green-eyed customers have insisted hotel management discharge the hotel’s entertainment for, what he claimed as ‘staring at my wife.’

Travellers have even requested phone numbers for escort services and used codenames while booking for, as one customer described, secretly jetting away with his son’s wife! Scandalous!

David Beatley, Customer Service Manager for LastMinute said, you’d be surprised at some of the requests tourists are bold enough to demand.

People who travel may even bring their plants along and require a sitter for them.

During a ride through the countryside in the Dominican Republic, the rider requested that the horse be removed from the stables due to the red, itchy bottom he received after the ride.  Yes, their were pictures to back up the rider’s claim.  An all-out stinky situation all the way around.

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