South Korea: Just say no to nudists!


Nude Beach

South Korea’s government has come a long way in modernizing how they do business but even these innovators are willing to go so far and the won (Korean currency) stops at nudity.

The East Sea-Rim Headquarters (ESRH), a sub-division of the Gangwon eastern region’s Korean government, suggested creating the first nudist beach in an effort to increase tourism.  But the Korean community isn’t so keen on the idea.

ESRH believe by launching a nudist beach, westerners and foreign visitors will be more likely to consider South Korea as a vacation destination.

“We see this pr0ject as part of our efforts to promote tourism,” a rep for ESRH said.


The problem is, in order for the nudist beach project to move forward, South Korea’s people would need to be onboard but, that’s a daunting reality seeing as though most of the Korean communities are conservative.  This means people walking around nude would be absolutely appalling and unacceptable.

“Without their consent, it will be difficult to push ahead.  In fact, we’ve already received protest calls from some residents since the project was reported,” a rep for ESRH added.

This would be the second attempt to create a nudist beach in South Korea.  The first effort was presented in 2005 and, was shot down just as quickly as it was put forward.

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