Qantas ups its game with longest flight in the world



Singapore Airlines (SA) will terminate its non-stop flights connecting Newark, New Jersey and Singapore which held a distance of around 15,300 kilometers and lasted around 18 hours.

SA was unable to withstand the grueling flights, supported by the gas-gulping Airbus A340-500, between New Jersey and Singapore and, Los Angeles and Singapore.

Gas-guzzling Singapore Airbus A340-500

Gas-guzzling Singapore Airbus A340-500

The flight between New Jersey and Singapore lasted around 18 hours with headwinds over the North Pole which allowed for a shorter flight.  While the flight between Los Angeles and Singapore had headwinds over the Pacific Ocean which made flight time longer.   

In hopes of generating more revenue, SA has opted to re-configure its A340-500’s seating arrangement to include 98 business class seats at $8000 each, roundtrip.        

Qantas Airlines will take over with its flights between Sydney, Australia and Dallas, Texas, as the longest flights in the world, which calculate to approximately 13,700 kilometers.

The longest time in the air goes to Delta Airlines, with a route between Johannesburg, Africa and Atlanta, Georgia, which lasts 17 hours.

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