Earthquake triggers giant yellow duck explosion in Taiwan



An enormous yellow, rubber duck which was on show in Taiwan exploded after an earthquake hit and deflated it.

The duck, which is 18-meters high, was sitting in the waters of northern Taoyuan County on Halloween (October 31st).  It began to collapse after an air pump stopped working due to a power outage which was triggered by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake.

The quake rattled locals in Taipei, the country’s capital, sending them running for protection, shaking buildings and, sending the majority of Taiwan in panic mode.

Though there were a small number of minor injuries reported, strong winds brought about the duck’s backside to rupture while it was being re-inflated, which compelled coordinators to cancel the display of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman‘s giant bath-toy copy.

The giant, yellow rubber ducky was left trodden and afloat on the pond.


Representatives believe the damage to the gigantic rubber duck is beyond repair.  They are preparing to borrow another Hofman-designed duck appointed by the Kaohsiung city administration.

Earlier in the year, the rubber duck had drew some 4-million tourists during a 1-month display in the southern port.

These ducks designed by Hofman seem to have shifty pasts.  When the powerful Typhoon Usagi struck the island in September, the yellow-rubber monstrosity in Kaohsiung, a slightly larger version of the one that fascinated Hong Kong as of late, was momentarily deflated and lifted to land as a safety precaution.

Ever since its journey began around the world in 2007, Hofman’s duck design, which stands 16.5 meters high, has traveled to 13 cities in nine countries including Australia and Brazil.

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