If you thouht you knew the world’s ‘most irresistible accent’ – you’d probably be right!



According to Hotels.com, the ‘world’s most irresistible accent‘ belongs to the French!

Which would you prefer?  “You are beautiful!” or “Vous êtesbelle!”  Probably the latter.  That’s because the French language has a ‘côté sexy’ about it, shall we say, that screams allure, elegance and wealth to those of us who are not as affluent as we’d like to be when it comes to the French language.

Italians were voted 2nd 'most irresistible accent in the world'

Italians were voted 2nd ‘most irresistible accent in the world’

Despite the fact that most of us consider the French to be coarse and impolite, they seem to ‘bring sexy back’ when it comes to their charismatic language.

Among 8000 travelers surveyed, the general consensus was has by-far, the sexiest language in the world.  Coming in at second, the Italian accent seemed to captivate globetrotters, with the British accent coming in a strong third, as the ‘most irresistible accent in the world.’

Tourists who were surveyed through Hotels.com said, it’s not just France’s regal architecture or status as a country which millions of vacationers flock to every year, but the bodily and hypnotic charm the French language carries.

The British empire still reign supreme at #3 when it comes to accents

The British empire still reign supreme at #3 when it comes to accents

Back in 2009, OnePoll.com concluded in its survey of 5,000 female participants, that the Irish accent was the sexiest on the planet, followed by Italian, Scottish and French.

During the time the OnePoll.com survey was taken, the website faulted then French President Nicolas Sarkozy of creating an unattractive and distasteful image of the French accent.

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