Disturbing foods from around the world – from the mouth of Peter Shaw

Blogger and travel explorer Peter Shaw

Blogger and travel explorer Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw considers himself to be an ‘ex-cubicle dwelling pink monkey’ who quit a well-paying job in Perth to experience the world.

Through his journey Peter has discovered everything from ‘scams in Turkey’ to the ‘best and worst tourist attractions in Europe.’

Now, comes a daunting task – straight from the mouth of Peter Shaw, he has unearthed ‘disturbing foods from around the world!’


Chicken Fetus Anyone? (This is Balut)

Chicken fetus anyone? (this is Balut)


Fertilized duck or chicken egg – one of the weirdest things I have ever eaten for sure. Yep you’re eating bird fetus, yum. It looks like a brain sitting in brown water and tastes a bit like a stronger version of a crunchy egg, yep those hard parts are the future bones you’re eating.

I’d recommend closing your eyes when eating this one and chewing fast, the look and texture of the thing are enough to turn most people the color of guacamole.


Crispy fried spiders! Get them while they’re hot!!

Crispy fried spiders! Get them while they’re hot!!

Arachnophobia anyone? In many parts of Asia bugs, and more specifically spiders are a common ‘fast food’. Tarantula on a stick, caramelised arachnids, crunchy spiders and rice.

Apparently (I have yet to validate this) the larger ones don’t taste too bad while the smaller ones just go ‘crunch’ get a bit gooey for a while and then they’re gone.

Not the best selling point though is it  ‘Step right up! They taste like crap, but only for a second, get 2 for 1 today!’

Ox or Deer Penis

Rather self-explanatory I guess. Given the sacrifice the poor (now emasculated) animal has offered up to the greater gods of culinary delight you’d better try and enjoy eating these.

Apparently they taste a bit like a really chewy steak.

Bat Soup

Bat + water = bat soup, a local favourite on the Micronesian island of Palau. Remove your pre-prepared bat from the freezer (by pre-prepared I mean it’s basically just been caught and stuck in a freezer) slap it in a pot of boiling water, fur, feet, wings and all.

The bat cooks slowly and is then torn apart and eaten by hand when it’s ready – yum – if you like boiled furry flying rats.

Frog Shakes

Frog shake in all it’s thick brown glory

Frog shake in all it’s thick brown glory

Allegedly a tonic to help make the body strong that also helps to soothe fatigue.  Frog shakes are becoming a juice bar specialty in Lima.

Mixed in with a bunch of fruit the raw frog is added after being boned, gutted and then blended up into a thick, juicy froggy shake – then consumed in a large glass of frog tasting, green/brown fruity delight.

Well that’s just a taste of them, there are some other truly ‘exotic’ ones that actually kind of made me feel sick just writing about them which I might leave for another future post – human placenta or maggot cheese anyone?

Still as gross as some of these are I’m game to try as many different things as possible – I might just need a few tall glasses of ‘Dutch courage’ beforehand to lubricate my insides first.

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