Attention all hotels: The Top 8 Things You Hardly Get Right!



When you shell out your hard-earned cash to stay at a hotel, you expect a clean and comfortable room, excellent amenities and stellar customer service.

You would think ALL hotels would know this.  I mean, that is the whole point of a hotel right?

Finally, based on viewer comments and travellers, here is a list, which has been compiled and designed, exclusively for every independent and chain-based hotel in the world – The Top 8 Things You hardly Get Right.

Insufficient breakfast buffet hours

When we go on vacation, the whole point is to ‘not’ keep a schedule and not be forced to get up early to catch the breakfast buffet.  Most people don’t emerge from their bed covers until 10AM, the same time hotels are closing its breakfast buffet doors.

Solution:  Relax breakfast buffet hours and include breakfast during brunch hours

The lack of mugs coffee mugs

Most people drink coffee, hot chocolate or tea.  And most people want to drink their steaming beverage of choice from an average sized mug, not some teeny, tiny cup which is big enough to hold one gulp.

Solution:  Offer both mugs and cups in room. Give patrons the option to enjoy their morning cup of joe without disrupting their lounge time to go back for numerous refills.

Grime and dust

Dirt and/or dust anywhere in the hotel are complete turn-offs.

Solution: In American baseball terms, if hotels want to bat a 300, there should never be dirt or dust in any part of the hotel including the lobby, front desk, hallways and especially the room.

Bath n’ shower

This one’s for the upper-echelon hotels.  Many homes nowadays separate the bath tub and shower.  We expect the same comfort in our hotel room.

Solution:  Is it too much to ask for a separate shower and bath?  It should be a standard in all suites.

Shelling out extra for wifi

MOTELS which look like they’re a replica of the Bates Motel in the movie Psycho even have FREE wifi.  How about public European toilet rooms?  Some of them offer free wifi.

Solution:  Stop charging for wifi.

Toilet paper holder

Insubstantial toilet paper supply

No one wants to make a mad-dash to their hotel room, straight for the bathroom only to find that there’s no toilet paper!  Having to call down to housekeeping for more toilet paper is inconvenient and sucks.

Solution:  Always stock an ample supply of the fluffy stuff.

Walking in rooms with “do not disturb” signs

I mean really?  Who does that?  Hotel staff have been known to knock once or twice and without giving you time to respond, you hear their key card swiping the key card gate and walking in.  Many times, patrons are sleeping and don’t hear staff entering.  All of this is going on while the ‘do not disturb’ sign is dangling serenely on the door handle.

In other cases, ‘do not disturb’ signs are so flimsy, they are easily unhinged from the door handle and end up on the floor and missed by staff.

Solution: All hotel staff should respect the signage!


Gyms that are unavailable during early morning hours

If you have a full day of activities or meetings planned, the only time to truly get in a work out is during the early morning hours but most hotel gyms don’t open until around 8AM.  That’s such a hassle seeing as though most activities or meetings kick off at 9AM.

Solution:  Try opening the gym at 5AM.  This gives your patrons plenty of time to get a full work out in, shower, dress and head to their function or meeting without feeling stressed.


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