Brett Lee Leads Charge On The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sets Tone For The Ashes

Brett Lee Leads Charge On The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sets Tone For The Ashes

Brett Lee Leads Charge On The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sets Tone For The Ashes

With the oldest Cricketing rivalry about to be renewed, Australian fast bowler Brett Lee joined Fanatics’ Battle with British Cricket Fans on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The battle lines were drawn, albeit in a less serious note, when Brett Lee joined the Fanatics and led a charge along with British fans to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The idea was to show a friendly rivalry between fans from the opposing camps ahead of the Ashes series.

Die-hard fans painted their faces resonating colours of their respective teams; green and gold sought to outdo St Georges cross in an apparent bid to suppress the moral of the opposition camp. They sang, chanted and shouted their hearts out in a colourful demonstration that showed glimpses of what is about to come during the Ashes.

All present were witness to a display of unequivocal expression of pride from both sides. It is noteworthy, that the final test of the upcoming Ashes will be played in Sydney from 3rd to 7th January, 2014.

Brett Lee, one of the world’s fastest bowlers of all times and a colourful character himself mentioned, that it is a privilege to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and with such passionate and patriotic fans. He agreed that the energy and commitment, on display will be vital during the upcoming Ashes and will work like a contagious effect on the players, egging them on; inspiring them to perform in front of their fans.

The Fanatics, Australia’s best known sport support group and the British contingent, formed largely of cricket exchange players from a number of British teams, climbed to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at a height of 134 meters above the glittering Sydney Harbour. Though the groups were clearly divided in their allegiance, they were united in their common love for the game.

Steven Laffey, a member of the Fanatics who took part in the charge and ascended to the top of the bridge mentioned, that the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a great Aussie icon and a very fitting place to invite our friends from the Old Dart today, to show our national pride and the faith we have in our boys.

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