Virgin Australia Wants Their Business Class Clients To Live It Up!


Virgin Australia is targeting its corporate clientele by stepping up its business class services

In an attempt to out shine the competition and most importantly, vie for your airline affection, Virgin Australia is targeting its corporate clientele by stepping up its business class services.

The rivalry between airlines can be extremely fierce these days, as there are billions of dollars at stake for companies such as Virgin Australia Business Class SeatsVirgin Australia.

Upgrades will include flights to and from Melbourne and Sydney, as well as along the Sunshine Coast.

The upgrades will take effect on May 30, 2012, with Virgin Australia adding 38 inch leather style seating, more pillows, and luxurious blankets.

Virgin Australia’s 737-800 airliners will be available to all business class passengers, offering services to include checking in your coats, jackets, furs, stoles, or wraps.

In addition, for business class clientele, Virgin Australia will offer amenity kits, and an array of gourmet tea, courtesy of Madame Flavour.

Virgin Australia Business Class - Coat Check inIncluded within these unique upgrades, the airline carrier will offer business class passengers, newspaper services up through the noon hour.

Virgin Australia’s fares for these forthcoming services are accessible with proposed sales beginning today.

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