PATA and Enters into a Strategic Partnership

0, a specialist insights provider and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has entered into a key Preferred Partnership. The announcement of the partnership, made public recently PATA, has come out of a long standing demand from PATA members. The partnership has been entered for a period of 2 years, enabling to support PATA’s strategic focus on providing insights, forecasts and analysis to its members and helping them to take informed business decisions.

Over the next two years and PATA will be collaborating to create more and more easy to access insights about the visitor sector; information that will help to boost this sector across the sector within and to the region. The information that will be harvested as a part of this association will also help PATA to implement the ‘Next Generation’ mPOWER platform, a state of the art information delivery system that will provide data, forecast and insights from the PATA Strategic Intelligence Centre straight to the members’ mobile devices virtually anywhere in the globe.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Carolyn Childs, Director of, mentioned that PATA’s vision to help build better businesses within the visitor economy of the Pacific Asia region is shared by as well. She also mentioned, that the Preferred Partnership agreement is just an expression of that shared dream in a more tangible form. This will help to support PATA in making it possible to realise that dream in the most challenging and competitive travel region of the world.

She also mentioned that is particularly happy to be able to help PATA realise the true potential of its mPOWER platform. She mentioned that is keen on leveraging the powerful network that PATA has and at the same time put into motion their unique ‘Insights to Action’ philosophy in order to achieve the best possible results at all times. It is needless to mention that PATA has a unique position in the Pacific Asia region in terms of its abilities to reach across the visitor economy throughout the entire region.

PATA CEO Mr. Martin J Craigs appeared quite excited about the possible positive benefits that will come out of this tangible partnership between the two organisations. He mentioned that this partnership with is going to be a tremendous support for their Strategic Intelligence Centre, enabling them to reach more and more businesses in this sector with their insights delivery program –  one of the key missions of PATA.

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