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Peregrine’s 2014 programme incorporates some really stunning itineraries. In one sentence they are trying to woo discerning travellers ‘to boldly go where no one else has gone before’; well almost. One look at some of the exciting itineraries that they have in store for the forthcoming season and you are sure to be convinced that they have left no stone unturned to make this a mouth-watering prospect for the true wanderlust. Itineraries include – ‘off-the-tourist-map’ Algeria, sailing around the stunning East Indies, and witnessing the tribal Mount Hagen festival in Papua New Guinea.

Those who travel with Peregrine are aware of their track record for providing itineraries which are off-the-beaten-track. Itineraries such as expedition-style trips in remote Tajikistan or for that matter the troubled and reclusive North Korea are something that Peregrine has come to be associated with. For the truly interested traveller, one who is not afraid to try out different things, experiences such as staying with a Kazakh family while attending the Mongolian Eagle Festival are going to be one-of-a-kind.

For the first time though, Peregrine has included a road trip through the stunning mountain passes of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia; a Dubai stopover, that is going to be nothing like one has seen before showcasing the Arabian aspects of the city and a safari through the heart of Selous, enjoying the unspoilt wilderness of Tanzania’s largest National park.

So far as the Europe programmes are concerned, 20 new itineraries have been added to Peregrine’s 2014 Europe programme all of which are centred around small groups keeping an eye on the comfort standards of the guests. The trips will take guests through the heartlands of Scandinavia and the Celtic lands of Scotland and Ireland. Guests will have abundant time to appreciate the Celtic culture, the dramatic landscapes and the wildlife. Scandinavia’s cosmopolitan capitals and breath-taking beauty of the land will be one savoured by guests for life.

Are you really the gung-ho adventurous type? Then the new itineraries in Central America exploring the volcanoes of Nicaragua will certainly be exciting propositions for you. Else you can skip the risky bit and go straight to Panama to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of its rainforests and its feathered inhabitants. If you are a sea-faring man a range of six new sailing itineraries in the Galapagos will surely interest you. Enjoy these volcanic islands on a comfortable twin hull catamaran as a part of Peregrine’s offerings.

If you have always been fascinated by the Himalayas and longed to see the jagged cliffs standing in all their sheer brilliance up-close then Peregrine’s new trekking itineraries that include both the Everest Base Camp & Lobuje Peak may just be what you were looking for. Peregrine also offers a hike on the comparatively remote Lemosho route of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Peregrine’s General Manager Steve Wroe was correct in saying that even the most die-hard traveller would be hard-pressed to say that they have been to destinations such as Tajikistan and North Korea. He added that they are happy to offer these truly unique experiences as a part of their overall offerings. Unique is the operative word here as he went on to explain why destinations such as Algeria with its incredible Roman ruins and mosaics, which would otherwise be packed with travellers if they were in Europe, are likely to be found by guests completely to themselves. 20 years off the tourist map unfortunately (or fortunately as in this case) has its effects. Algeria has more to offer; add to it cities that are packed with unmistaken colonial charm, desert towns and the majestic Constantine located high up on a gorge and you have in your hand a destination that is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Peregrine is currently offering a 10% discount off brochure prices for all trips until 30th November 2013. Travels must be within September 30th 2014. More info on peregrineadventures.com.

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