Ultimate humiliation – too fat to fly!

Kevin Chenais too fat to fly

Kevin Chenais too fat to fly

Talk about living larger than life!  Kevin Chenais, 22, from the French town of Ferney-Voltaire located in north eastern France, has outgrown the basic comforts we, as average-weight travellers take for granted.

Mr. Chenais, who tips the scale at a whopping 230 kilograms, was being treated at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota (USA) for a hormone imbalance which causes him to gain weight, was denied a flight back to France because he was just too fat to fly.

On Tuesday (November 19, 2013), British Airways rejected his ticket to fly from the United States to France.  In addition, the Queen Mary 2 cruise ship also denied entrance to their vessel due to Mr. Chenais’ weight class.

Instead, Mr. Chenais, who requires a constant flow of oxygen, arrived at Heathrow airport in London accompanied by his parents aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight.  He then had to be transported by an ambulance, to a P&O ferry taking off from Dover located along the south east shoreline of England, to the French harbor of Calais.

Mr. Chenais had to endure more rejection as, once he reached England, the Eurostar refused to allow him to ride the train home to France.

As an alternative, Tuesday night, he was put up for the evening close to the Eurostar’s Saint Pancras railway station in London with Eurostar footing the bill.  From there, Mr. Chenais was transported via ambulance by Wednesday (November 20, 2013) afternoon from Dover.  Confusing?  Just think if you were Mr. Chenais.

After the ordeal was over, Mr. Chenais depicted his trip as “terrible, terrible, terrible.”


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