7 points to discuss before travelling with friends


Some of the best trips to take and the best memories to create are with friends! Though, in order for your excursion NOT to turn into a scene out of the hilariously crazy movie “Road Trip” you MUST plan well.

Inspired by lifestyle site AllWomenStalk, vacations with friends should always be sketched out.

7 Points To Discuss When You Want To Vacation With Friends 



Destination, destination, destination!  Always know where you want to go prior to travelling with friends.  Your entire party should agree upon your itinerary.


budget calculation

Discuss your budget.  There may be bitterness in the group if one has to foot the bill for another so, talk about how each of you will be financing your trip which should include, travel fare, hotel, food, shopping and day trips.  Make sure everyone can afford the vacation.



Designate a person to handle bookings or reservations.  The person you select should have sharp organizational skills.   This avoids those awful moments when you’re at the hotel but have no reservation!



Always have a plan B if someone decides to drop out of the trip.  Your trip could double in cost if someone pulls out and friendships can be ruined if – say –  you’re unable to get your deposit back for that person.   Preferably they should have insurance to cover themselves if unable to travel for whatever reason.

COAST SHARINGbroken-piggy-bank

Determine who will pay for expenses such as transport and food.  How will you divide costs?  Do you prefer to start a pool for joint expenses? Or will one person pay for each thing and the others refund them at the end of the trip?


It’s important that everyone is on the same page in terms of what kind of vacation you want to enjoy.  It might be impossible for everyone to agree upon every aspect of the activities so it’s vital that you sprinkle in activities that most everyone will enjoy.



Last but not least, talk about your accommodations.  Should you rent separate rooms?  Are you comfortable in occupying one large suite or cabin?  If you’re camping, will outside facilities work or would you prefer to stay next to hotel-like amenities.  The worst is to stay at a place where you absolutely hate.  The more details and planning, believe me, the better, more fun-filled and exciting your time with friends will be!

Have you ever vacationed with friends?  How did it turn out?  What did you learn from the experience?

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