Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises Re-christens Themselves as Kimberly Quest


Pearl Sea Coastal Cruises, have recently rechristened themselves as Kimberly Quest. Having spent the best part of two decades cruising the stunning Kimberly coastline to the north of Western Australia they have come out with this announcement of their new brand identity. When you travel on any of the Kimberly Cruises you are going to be mesmerized at the sight of the stunning White-bellied Sea Eagle. The spirit of flight that this magnificent bird stands for and the essence of a truly boundary-less freedom that it enjoys is what is captured in the new logo released by the company.

Along with a new look logo, Kimberly Quest has also came up with a new slogan to sum up their transformation. ‘Beyond Adventure’ summarizes everything new that the family offers including a promise that they will offer a Kimberly experience which will go beyond the expectations of guests, together with a level of comfort, friendship and service that will truly make their vacation a memorable one.

Kimberly Quest, as a family has been cruising the Kimberly for the past 18 years. While they have carefully preserved and nurtured their core business principles and the customer focussed approach they have transformed themselves looking into the future. They have drawn inspiration from the fact that they have come a long way since starting their operation two decades ago and are focused to improve their services looking ahead.

Apart from revamping their brand image Kimberly Quest has also come up with a new website which captures the stunning landscapes of the Kimberly, live availability search and an option to book online. Incidentally they are the first Kimberly cruise company to have come up with live online booking of their itineraries.

In order to celebrate the announcement of Kimberly Quest, the business have extended their Earlybird offer. Now, guests booking between now and December 31st2013 will be eligible for the Earlybird discount of 15% off all the 2014 Kimberly Cruises.

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