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The best way to learn the Korean language and soaking in the intriguing Korean culture, and have a bit of fun while doing it, is to stay with a Korean family. While at it you could also experience life as a student at the Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea exchanging ideas, making new friends.

Organised by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and Kyunghee University’s Institute of International Education, this 7D/6N Fun Korean Language Trip is the perfect fusion of a language learning program, which conducts the process of imparting training through the medium of dramas and K-pop and a homestay, wherein accommodation for the guest is provided with a Korean family as part of the Koreastay program. The benefits of this unique homestay opportunity is that guests / students can have the best possible chance to learn to speak the language and in the quickest time possible.

The program involves a total of 20 hours of language training and six nights of lodging with a Korean family. It also includes daily breakfasts before leaving for the morning class. If you feel that the daily routine of learning the language and absorbing Korean family etiquettes over a period of 7 days and 6 nights is too much for you, opt to punctuate your daily schedule by taking a Korea Pass Card ($US20). This is a pre-paid tourist card that allows you to travel beyond the confines of the classroom and experience real Korea by walking down the streets of Seoul. See the many attractions of the city without which your Korean experience would be incomplete. Optionally, you could even join a Korean cooking class and pick up a few culinary secrets to impress the folks back home upon your return.

Optional tours you could dig are the Korean Cultural Experience, K-pop Dance Experience, Seoul City Tour and the most famous of all, the Gangnam Experience tour where chances are you could bump into PSY himself.

The Fun Korean Language Trip is designed to be an entertaining way to experience Korean culture, understand the language and see the many famous attractions of Seoul. Though 7 days is too small a time to completely grasp a new language, this is a great opportunity to befriend Korean University students and share your experiences with them.

The 7 nights / 6 days package is available during January & February and then again in July & August, 2014. The package cost is 600,000 Korean Won (approximately US$600). If interested you can contact Plus Planner Agency in Korea to make your bookings.

For students who are looking to go to Korea the newly published Student Travel Guide to Korea is a must have. This 90-page pocket guide book is a repository of information about all the major attractions in and around Seoul. It also has information on the many day-tours that you could take. The handy book briefs you about the options that you could possibly take as a student, about Korea’s rich culture, its amazing landscape and the UNESCO World Heritage sights, cities and villages that you should take time off to visit.

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