www.ambrym.travel Brings Vanuatu’s Ambrym Island Closer to You



The launch of www.ambrym.travel will bring Australian intrepid travelers looking to book their next Vanuatu adventure a step closer to the outer islands of the province. This website is designed to provide up-to-date information on all aspects of travel planning and booking including destination information and accommodation. Dedicated to the outer island of Ambrym, the website brings under a single window all the relevant information that was hitherto available only in a scattered form. The information on the website will allow travelers to take a call on their preferences and they can then get in to touch with a call center to complete their booking.

Products that travelers can book include Volcano Tours, a visit to the islands’ impressive twin volcanoes, which is a major highlight for anybody coming to Ambrym, Fanla Rom dances & Black Magic Tour in the North of the island and accommodation at the Hotspring Bungalows of Terter.


Operated by Malampa.travel, the website is the second one launched by the business in three years. Back in 2011 they launched a similar website that promoted and assisted in bookings to the outer island of Malekula. Their aim at Malampa.travel has been to increase popularity of the outer islands of Vanuatu among visitors and they are slowly realizing that dream by expanding their horizon to include more and more such outer islands of the province.

Linda Kalpoi, General Manager, Vanuatu Tourism Office recommended the website while adding that for Australians looking for an out of the ordinary experience of Vanuatu, www.ambrym.travel provides everything that they need to plan and book their vacation. Apart from accommodation and tour information the website has detailed maps, transport information and other essential information for visiting the island.


She also added that Ambrym is the ideal getaway for travelers looking to explore the adventurous side of Vanuatu and its outer islands. It is a haven for trekkers, seekers of religious & cultural activities and adventurers. Alternatively you could do practically nothing and choose to indulge in a relaxing hot-water bath in the natural springs of the island.

Prior to this website travelers had to go through an awful amount of research, trying to locate suitable accommodation and finding the right contacts to make their bookings. But now everything is in one place making it easier for the discerning traveler to book. Additionally, they know that the product and service that they are getting is of a good standard.

Ms. Kalpoi added that this is just a small step towards making the tourism industry of Vanuatu more mature, allowing tourist to put it higher on their list of destinations for a vacation.

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