42 people change their names for a shot at a new life in Berlin


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If you were offered a free trip to Berlin, Germany; a decked out apartment for a year in the chic and upscale neighborhood of Neukölln or Kreuzberg, all in exchange for changing your identity legally (yes you heard me), would you do it?  What if free trips to Munich and Frankfurt were thrown in, in addition to free German lessons?  Would you change your birth name all for the love of a new life style?  That’s exactly what 42 people did!

Neukölln, Berlin

Neukölln, Berlin

Through a contest from Lufthansa, a German airline, flyers were dared to change their name legally to Klaus-Heidi, a combination of customary male and female German names.  Magnus Engvall, Marketing Specialist for Lufthansa, says the name change would be equivalent to a person whose first language is English, changing their name to Jack-Barbara.  Yikes!

Mr. Engvall said the contest was meant to inspire.

“What [the Klaus-Heidi]have in common is that they have an urge, or a dream, to make a change in their life… That is what Berlin is about. It’s a very free city in many ways… It’s a little like what America was … people go to Berlin to live out their largest dreams, or to start off again,” Mr. Engvall said.

Kreuzberg, Berlin

Kreuzberg, Berlin

If you think it was a dumb contest, tell the 42 Swedish-born folks who, along with their application, submitted proof that they had changed their name to ‘Klaus-Heidi.’  The winner: Anderson Klaus-Heidi!  He is prepping to begin his new life in Berlin courtesy of Lufthansa.

The remaining candidates which submitted applications will be added to Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program with 60,000 free miles at silver membership status.

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