Airport security displays ‘superman’ like skills and saves tumbling baby!


Most travelers dread airport staff but one father is thanking his lucky stars for their very existence.

Daddy ‘forget-me-not,’ was enroot to his destination through Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport in Poland with his son in-tow when he stopped to relieve himself of his jacket.  In doing so, the man sat his son on the ledge of the luggage conveyer belt.  Fumbling with his jacket, his son began to topple forward, headed for what was sure to have been a catastrophe, when an airport security guard lunged forward (which would have made any footballer proud) to catch the child before he hit the floor.

The astounding footage was uploaded to LiveLeak yesterday (Tuesday, December 17, 2013). The security guard was awarded for his superman-like actions with a whole lot of ‘thank-you’s’ and a nice bonus.  Happy Holidays!

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