Down for the count, another yellow duck bursts!

Down for the count!

Down for the count!

A giant yellow duck is down again in Taiwan and this time just hours before the New Year revellers started to fill-in the streets. The giant yellow duck, set-up just 11 days ago to be a constant attraction in a northern Taiwan port has had a troubled ‘life’ since it has been set-up. Expected to be a major New Year attraction for revellers the duck exploded just hours before the party began, damping to some extent the festive mood of those who gathered to witness the clock tick over.

The 11-feet duck on show at Keelong was set-up just 11 days ago. But this is not the first time that a duck has been down for the count in Taiwan. Prior to this, another giant duck, a replica bath toy designed by Dutch Artist Florentijn Hofman burst while on a show.

Huang Jing-Tai, organiser for the show apologised for the duck incident saying “We want to apologise to the fans of the yellow rubber duck … the weather is fine today and we haven’t found the cause of the problem. We will carefully examine the duck to determine the cause.”

On Tuesday the organisers had made arrangements to stay open well pas the midnight in anticipation of a huge turnout.  A report filed by the Central News Agency quoted a witness as saying that the giant rubber duck may have suffered a predatory attack; in other words eagles might have attacked the poor thing with their claws and scratched the surface. Last seen the giant duck was reduced to a large floating yellow disc.

Three Taiwanese cities had showcased the their versions of the giant yellow duck in 2013. Unfortunately, however, the exhibitions had to be cut short due to inclement weather and or damages due to exposure.

On a better day

On a better day

As recently as in last month, the giant yellow duck in the northern city of Taoyuan became a high-profile victim of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake. A major power outage resulted in the air pump keeping the duck inflated to stop working resulting in its deflation.

Additionally, while it was being re-inflated, the rear end burst due to strong winds. The organisers of the show in Taoyuan had to borrow the duck commission by the Kaohsiung city government in order to keep the show going.

The duck at Kaohsiung city too had to be removed as a precautionary measure when Typhoon Usagi made land-fall on the island. The giant duck had to be deflated and lifted ashore to prevent it from being damaged.

The original 16.5 meters tall duck which was designed by Hofman in 2007 has travelled to a total of 13 cities including Brazil, Hong Kong and Australia while on a world tour.

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