Qantas: epic security breakdown at Sydney airport!

Passengers wait to be re-screened at Sydney airport

Passengers wait to be re-screened at Sydney airport

Flights were delayed and passengers were panicked and told to vacate Sydney airport just past 1:30 today, after flyers from a Qantas flight mistakenly sauntered into a secure-zone prior to being screened.

Inside of Sydney airport’s domestic terminal, passengers from Qantas flight QF2025, arriving from Armidale, were approved to continue to Terminal 3, a protected and safe area without ever being screened by airport security.

Once airport staff noticed the mistake, the terminal was abruptly shut down and all passengers totaling the hundreds were forced to clear out of the terminal.

A representative for Qantas said a faction of travelers were not sorted out properly and were advised to enter the core and central terminal without suitable screening which, in-turn, caused a shutdown of the terminal.

“In line with its stringent security policy, Qantas has cleared the terminal and is now in the process of re-screening all passengers,” a representative for Qantas said.

Passengers who were inappropriately directed to Terminal 3 were confused and scared as they were told to evacuate the airport station.

“Typically, they would have arrived on a flight and would have ordinarily gone through a door that would have taken them straight out to the exit but instead went through a door that took them to a sterile area of the airport,” the rep said.

A number of flights were canceled though; Qantas said they are working diligently to get all passengers screened properly.

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused,” a Qantas rep said.

The airline is expected to settle all processing and security issues by this evening.

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