Anthony Melchiorri: Hotel Impossible’s master of travel

Anthony Melchiorri, host of the Travel Channel's Hotel Impossible

Anthony Melchiorri, host of the Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible

Anthony Melchiorri is best known for his hard-nosed antics on the Travel Channel‘s Hotel Impossible but, he’s so much more.

Mr. Melchiorri, who jump-started his fascinating life as an hotelier, at the prestigious Plaza Hotel in New York, has been referred to by many in the hotel industry as the ‘maharishi’ of travel.

The hotel genius, who kicks off his 4th season of Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel, January 27th, will continue his quest of helping to whip struggling hotels into shape.

Hearty with his opinions, leaving no travel stone unturned, Mr. Melchiorri is here to give us the lowdown on valuable tips we could certainly use while traveling.

You’ll always find me with three things when I travel.
Dental floss, magnetic collar stays and this wonderful Hand Salve (right) from Burt’s Bees. I can travel from the heat of Hawaii to the Alaskan cold in one week and this lotion always keeps my hands looking and smelling great.

The best way to snag a hotel upgrade is to be nice.
Make the reservation online, but then call up the front desk and kindly communicate what you might need. It also helps to arrive early, so that managers still have upgradable suites they’re willing to part with.

I always travel with Tumi luggage — including my new alpha deluxe wheeled leather brief.
I am constantly jetting the world and want to look good on the road. Tumi feels like an extension of my own personal style; plus I can fill it up with 500 pounds of stuff and the zippers never break.

In most hotels, the best rooms are found in the corners — particularly in a vertical city like New York.
Ultimately the best room is the one that suits you best — whether you prefer higher floors or insist on being close (or far) from the elevators.

I’m a big fan of food trucks.
I think they’re a great way to get a sense of a city’s culture without having to try 27 different restaurants. I was recently in Nashville shooting a show and was amazed by the quality of dishes I was able to sample from the city’s food truck scene.

I use a lot of airlines, but I really like flying with Virgin America.
To me, it feels like how flying used to be back in the 1940s and ’50s, when the crew made each guest feel special. The flight attendants always look you in the eye, immediately offer a drink and clearly take their jobs seriously.

My favorite hotel in the world has to be La Residencia in Mallorca, Spain.
It’s not overly pretty or ornate, but rather stunningly set in the hillside and smells like oranges from the moment you enter reception. Everything there is taken care of — the hotel just feels like you were born there.

The one place I am still dying to visit is Japan — and I want to go by myself.
To me, Japan is a culture so different than anything I know — so mysterious and sexy — that I want to experience it without anyone else’s schedule; I just want to walk the country and get lost in its complete otherness.

My favorite city in the world has to be Rome.
It’s a city and culture based on family, conversation and food. I have family there and I am always amazed by the ways in which the locals treat guests and care for them.

People often think that Tripadvisor reviews are fake, but mostly they’re absolutely real.
The reviews are like the comment cards of the 21st century — they give power back to guests and hoteliers should take them very seriously.

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