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P38 Lightning, Milne Bay 2

Many incredibly awe-inspiring sites can be seen underwater just as much as above it.  Lost ships and submarines that have been taken by our oceans lay docile, underneath the waves. The sight is creepy to say the least.

Take a look at eight of these magnificently ghost-like underwater images.

1.  Shorts 330-200, Great Dog Island, British Virgin Islands

Shorts 1 shorts 2 shorts 3 shorts 4 shorts 5

After falling short of properly landing in 1993, it was left to rot in an airport hangar before being sent out to its underwater grave.  Now, lobster, fish, sharks and turtles inhabit this uncanny sight.

2.  Corsair F4U, Oahu, Hawaii

Corsair 1 Corsair 2 Corsair 3

Situated around 15 minutes from Koko Marina, this plane ran out of fuel in 1946 after a scheduled flight from Pearl Harbor.  The plane is relatively in decent condition with only the skilled of divers able to access the site.

3.  McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom, Philippines

McDonnell Douglas 1 McDonnell Douglas 2 McDonnell Douglas 3

Not many know the history behind this wreck but many believe it met its destruction beyond repair at some point during the Vietnam War.  Some think the vessel was stripped of its functions by the Navy and left at Subic Bay.  Others believe the craft caught fire in 1967 aboard the USS Forestal.

4.  P38 Lightning, Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea

P38 Lightning, Milne Bay 1 P38 Lightning, Milne Bay 2 P38 Lightning, Milne Bay 3

There are a number of laid to rest aircraft in this area.  Many are from World War II.  The P38 Lightning was unearthed in 2004 about 30 meters submerged in the Pacific Ocean.

5.  DC3, Bahamas

DC3, Bahamas 1 DC3, Bahamas 2 DC3, Bahamas 3

The DC3 is really a creation of Hollywood.  This craft was used in the movie “Into the Blue” with Jessica Alba and was purposely sunk. Divers are welcome to survey the staged wreckage.

6.  “Maid of Harlech” P38 Lightning, Wales

Maid of Harlech

Uncovered and brought to the surface in 2007, the P38 is the longest standing aircraft wreck dating back to 1942.  The lack of fuel was the cause of this downed plane.  Fortunately the pilot lived through the crash.  Today, there are efforts to transport the extraordinary P38 to a museum for safe keeping.

7.  Betty Bomber, Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

Betty Bomber 1 Betty Bomber 2 Betty Bomber 3

The Betty Bomber, also known as the Mitsubishi G4M1, can be found 20 meters under the Truk Lagoon.  You’ll also find submarines and bulldozers there.

8.  Black Jack, Boga-Boga, Papua New Guinea

Black Jack 1 Black Jack 2

Located near Milne Bay, this B17 Flying Fortress bomber known as Black Jack is submerged 50 meters under the sea. Divers at Niugini Diving report that the aircraft is surprisingly in excellent condition with the exception of the nose segment.

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