Best Zimbabwe photo bomb ever!

Photo credit: Barcroft Media Source

Photo credit: Barcroft Media Source

Can you even come close to topping this photo bomb? When you travel to another country, one of the most important items on your travel to-do list is to take plenty of pictures.

Little did these five women know ‘they’ would be the picture, in what many describe as the most epic photo bomb ever.

While on Safari at the Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe, Deb Sulzberger of Australia, Jane Burnett, Sarah Daly, Nicky Walker – all from Britain and, Lisa Marie Winther of Norway, were completely unaware of the colossal, 7-ton elephant called Makavhuzi, lurking in the background, as they happily clicked away at their cameras.

The unforgettable, picture-perfect moment was caught on film by park volunteer Marcus Soderlund, 24, of Sweden.

“While they were posing for the cameras one of the other handlers got an elephant called Makavhuzi to go up behind them,” he said.

The five women eventually felt something looming over them.

“Eventually they noticed his presence and turned around and reacted with laughs, surprised looks and smiles,” said Mr. Soderlund.

You can almost imagine what the massive elephant is thinking: Here’s looking at you kid.

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