The deadly rings of Denmark

Fairy rings 1

eelgrass (pictured above) is unlike fairy circles

Situated off the shores of Denmark’s island of Møn, the underwater crop circles have been making waves around the world as biologists flock to investigate this extraordinary anomaly.

The eerie green rings, which were first photographed by tourists in 2008 and 2011, have now been identified as poison.

Marianne Holmer and Jens Borum, biologists from the University of Southern Denmark want to make clear the rings are not of alien origin.

“Nor with fairies, who in the old days got the blame for similar phenomena on land, the fairy rings in lawns being a well known example,” Borum and Holmer said.

The biologists deduce the rings are shaped from the radiating blueprint from which the eelgrass cultivates and as it is out in the open to toxins it dies. Biologists discovered elevated levels of sulfide which is poisonous to eelgrass.

“Most mud gets washed away from the barren, chalky seabed, but like trees trap soil on an exposed hillside, eelgrass plants trap the mud and therefore there will be a high concentration of sulfide-rich mud among the eelgrass plants,” Borum and Holmer said.

Eelgrass is actually and type of flower-plant and as it develops it swells outward, producing crop-circle-like flora and fauna. Younger eelgrass is able to survive the toxic sulfur however the older plants die off.

“The result is an exceptional circular shape, where only the rim of the circle survives – like fairy rings in a lawn,” Borum and Holmer continued.

Fairy circles have long been held responsible for the spread of fungi.  Scientists are baffled by these circles especially the anomalies located in the desolate region of Namibia in Southern Africa.  It’s been suggested a number of these rings are made by termites, ants, oil and gas seeps.

fairy circles in Southern Africa

fairy circles in Southern Africa

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